Why Choose us

Convenience Store

Stop by our 24/7 convenience store to pick up a snack, beverage, or other refreshment. We stock grocery items and supplies such as cat and dog food, cups, plates, forks, knives, condiments, magazines, newspapers, motor oil, and windshield washer fluid. And, we also have an ATM machine on-site and sell New York lottery tickets. Our selection of beverages and snacks includes:

  • Milk, Water, Gatorade™, Sodas, Energy Drinks, 
  • Accessories for your smart phones
  • Wide verity of premium grade chips
  • Wide Variety of Healthy Deli Style Sandwiches
  • Cakes and Pepperidge Farm™, Chips Ahoy!™, and Oreo™ Cookies
  • Gum, Mints, and Cough Drops
  • Premium Healthy Power Bars®

And much, much more!

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